Your VIP Invite to Join the Money Launch Club Is Now Over

“I enjoy being able to interact regularly with other like-minded people who are serious about financial independence. As you know, it isn’t always easy to surround yourself daily with money savvy people. There certainly are other forums out there with similar goals but this community feels more close-knit, like I could easily get to know people on here. I especially enjoy that there is an app which allows you to receive notifications prompting you to participate, take actionable steps and think about how you can better your finances every day.” ~ Valerie

As a Money Launch Club Member, you get:

Expert Workshops & Classes

Join LIVE classes taught by the best financial experts and coaches. Can’t make a LIVE class? No problem, you’ll get access to the recordings. We already have courses on Retirement Investing, Finding your Dream Career, Taxes + more in the resource section

Monthly Group Coaching Calls & Accountability

Join our monthly group coaching calls and join in weekly and monthly accountability discussions/challenges

Podcast After-show Chats

Big fan of the Journey To Launch podcast? Join LIVE video after-show chats with your favorite guests so that you can ask them questions and discuss episodes in depth within the group


Other Features...

Join the monthly Book Club, get access to special giveaways plus new features are constantly being added.



Connect with other Journeyers through the online community message boards and groups. The Launch Club even has it’s own app so that you can take it on the go. You also have the option to connect through virtual events and in person events in your city.

Resource Library & Courses Area

Get access to recordings of the LIVE classes & Podcast After Show Chats in the resource library/courses area of the Launch Club 

Get the confidence to negotiate your salary

“I’ve always been a budgeter but now I’m a lot less intimidated by the technicalities around personal finance like investing, saving in a smart way, and modalities for making more money. At the core of it has been the mindset shift I’ve had to more of a positive, growth mindset around money. If we want to put numbers on it, my involvement in the Club gave me the confidence to negotiate my proposed salary for a new job and I got every single increase (in base salary and add-ons) that I asked for!!” ~ Deb

Build your emergency fund

“The Journey to Launch Club has been a tremendous support when it comes to reaching my goal of financial independence. At the beginning of this year, I made a commitment to save as much as possible so that I can reach financial independence by the age of 30. Now that I have attended several launch work sessions as well as the credit class, I can say that this goal can actually be achievable. The Journeyer Launch club keeps me disciplined with my finances. I am now able to directly save and input $1,000 a month to my emergency fund without any temptation to spend it. I’m sure this savings amount will increase as I integrate myself into the Launch Club!” ~ Cassandra

“We are now credit card debt free for life!”

“Jamila is an excellent coach and teacher. She has a very clear and common-sense way of teaching the material. I was able to improve my money mindset, and better able to understand my strengths and weakness in reaching my money goals. During the course, I got better with the nuts and bolts about money. My budgeting skills vastly improved. My spouse and I are able to pay off my $20K+ credit card balance since starting the class. We are now CC debt free – for life! Additionally, we feel very confident that we will reach our saving and investing goals in the short and long term.” – Lynn

Look at the results current Money Launch Members are getting!

“The Journeyer Launch Club has been a great source of support, advice, and motivation. I’ve been hustling to close the gaps in my budget, pick up side gigs, and pay down credit card debt—I expect to be completely debt-free by mid-2019!” ~ Moniqa

“So far since joining the group it’s great to see other people, especially those that look like me work towards improving their finances. Community systems are best when you can learn from others and implement ideas into your own daily life. I really enjoyed the Q&A session where we can interact with guest speakers on the podcast. Makes you feel like you’re really apart of an exclusive group. The credit seminar was extremely helpful and I’m already seeing results. My next step will be to interact with more of the members. That’s the only area I feel right now I have a disconnect.” ~ Corey

“The Launch Club has provided me with ample resources and content to achieve my financial goals. It brings a great sense of community and support that allows you to be true and confident in yourself and your goals.” ~ Deborah